• What is Opportunity?

    The Internet gives you unlimited access to all of the information out there, but it’s getting harder to find what you really need. What if we told you there’s a way to find out what’s going on around you without an Internet connection?

    Opportunity is a new technology that lets you quickly get access and share information that’s relevant to you and to your community. You just pull out your smartphone, scribble your thoughts and move on with what you were doing. When you walk past other people, your phone will distribute your message to anyone who’s interested.

    We’re not trying to replace the Internet, rather we’re fixing what it can’t do. And the possibilities are endless:

    • How would you feel if your pet ran away from home?
      With Opportunity you can easily reach out to people around you that can help much faster than ever before. Hope might be just around the corner.
    • How do you cope with traffic?
      Opportunity analyzes the routes of people you pass by every day, and recommends better alternatives.
    • How do you attract customers to your business?
      Opportunity helps keep local consumers and suppliers in touch.

    And all of this is done securely, with phones communicating directly without an Internet connection. This means it can’t be monitored by anybody else. You are in full control of what you want to share with others!

  • A flexibile mobile development framework

    Opportunity offers a powerful SDK that allows application developers to leverage Opportunistic Networking and Computing. Instead of having to resort to Mobile Cloud Computing, Opportunity allows direct phone-to-phone communication between mobile devices using any type of available media: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, or Wi-Fi.

    The framework automates the following operations behind easy-to-use APIs:

    • Discovering nearby devices
    • Connecting to nearby devices
    • Exchanging messages between mobile devices
    • Offloading computation tasks onto nearby devices

    Through Opportunity developers can:

    • Build distributed mobile applications
    • Reduce overall consumption of the local network of devices
    • Increase the user experience by lowering CPU load

    The framework supports two modes of opportunistic communication:

    • Routing: sending a message from one source to to one destination.
    • Dissemination: broadcasting a message from one source to any other mobile devices interested in that type of message.
  • Opportunity is driven by mobility