They say “those who can’t, teach”. We’re here to prove that “those
who teach, can do it better”

  • Our story
    began with four founding partners – researchers and professors at the Distributed Systems department from the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science from the University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania. With years of experience in the field of research and countless award-winning articles published in influential conferences and journals, we decided it was time to bring innovation to the world by transferring our technologies into the hands of the people.
  • Our team
    is young, energetic, with a lot of experience in both academia and the IT industry:
    • Ciprian Dobre, PhD
      Managing Partner & CEO
    • Radu Ciobanu, PhD
      Partner & CTO
    • Florin Pop, PhD
      Partner & COO
    • Radu Marin
      Partner & Technical Director
    • Valeriu Stanciu
      Business Development Manager
    • Razvan Banica
      Design Manager

    And we are constantly growing our team by collaborating with bright students and experienced alumni.

    • Tudor Rogojanu
    • Silviu-George Pantelimon
    • Alexandru Hogea
    • Adrian Ilie
    • Olimpia Ursu
  • Our mission
    is simple – to bring innovation in mobile computing and IoT systems through a technological transfer from research to development and, finally, to the market.
  • Our core values
    are right there in the company name:
    • Do Research better
      We believe that any reliable technical solution must be based on facts, and all facts can be truly obtained only through careful analysis and investigation.
    • Do Development better
      We’re all about implementing high-quality software that solves real-world problems. And we always deliver solutions that are based on thorough research.
    • Do Innovation better
      We constantly try to be one-step ahead of the market and providing solutions that can help people not just now, but more importantly, in the future.