• What is NETIoT?

    Data is all around us just waiting to be captured by sensors. Tapping into this data can empower your business and help you be more proactive in responding to change.

    We designed NETIoT to help you automate and manage your business, so that you can focus on what you do best!

    NETIoT is centered around three core values:

    • Easy onboarding
      Get a better understanding of your business by measuring your operations in real time! NETIoT integrates with the latest sensors available on the market – you just register them in the dashboard, and data starts streaming in automatically. And it’s designed to scale for businesses of all sizes without having to worry about managing your own digital infrastructure.
    • Easy management
      Make proactive and intelligent decisions based on leveraging all of your business’s data! NETIoT gives you access to a vast number of tools that can directly tap into the data streaming in from your sensors. From our digital marketplace you gain access to applications specifically tailored to your industry, from managing a hotel with hundreds of rooms, to monitoring a chain of supermarkets, or even to automating operations in precision agriculture.
    • Easy growth
      Scale your business to the next level by managing your organization without effort! NETIoT allows you to build an enterprise network where you can monitor your teams and keep in touch with your business partners. It allows you to share applications and reports in a single unified interface.
  • A scalable and extensible IoT framework

    NETIoT is scalable, extensible, and has a high software and hardware fault tolerance and availability. It allows the connection of an unlimited number of sensors, as well as the virtualization and interpretation of the data they send. To overcome all of disadvantages of IoT PaaS providers nowadays, we propose and develop a new type of service that can provide PaaS, but also SaaS.

    Our main goal is to make your life as an IoT developer easier so you don’t have to depend on a specific hardware/software vendor. NETIoT lets you get started quick and scale even faster just by combining off-the-shelf components into your own fully-fledged system.

    Compared to other IoT PaaS providers, our solution provides the following features:

    • Hardware devices (such as sensors and device gateways) that are already compatible with our solution and are easy to configure and install in the right location with client needs;
    • Already built services that can be used in specific use cases with our hardware devices;
    • the ability to add new services that will respond to other uses.

    The main goal of NETIoT is to ensure high availability, scalability and also further development. To meet these requirements, NETIoT’s model was implemented using a microservices-based architecture, which has the following advantages:

    • every microservice can be independently developed from others
    • microservices they are usually faster and less expensive to develop than regular monolithic services
    • each component has its own database, depending of service needs
    • microservices are quick to build and deploy
    • a microservices-based architecture ensures high availability and scalability for the system.
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