If oportunity doesn't knock, build a door.

Opportunities are just around the corner. Find out how our research turns into development, and how our development turns into innovation.


We are pioneers in the area of opportunistic networking with results acknowledged internationaly in the scientific community


With a vast experience in mobile development, we have the drive and technical skills needed for building even the most complex systems


We are shaping digital trends in technology by taking cutting edge research and transcending it into every day life

What are the things we’re good at?

Our goal is to improve every day life by promoting new technologies in mobile computing that take human mobility and interactions and transform it into opportunities for better connectivity, energy efficieny and intelligent environments.


Our skills span over both Android and iOS. We take on any challenge, whether it’s a presention app or a complex system synchronizing and processing large amounts of data.


We are currently paving the way for a new paradigm in mobile networking which creates dynamic networks and connects all smart devices for building a new type of Internet.


Nowadays, everything is ever growing: networks are getting faster, data is getting bigger, processing is becoming heavier. We address each and every big problem with a personalized solution in the cloud.


The reality all around us is getting smarter and  more connected. One of the biggest challenges we’re taking on is leveraging all smart devices and sensors that surround us and making them improve every day life.


Opportunistic Networking

Have you ever struggled to get a network connection at a crowded concert? So have we! That’s why we envision a different version of the Internet in which smartphones directly communicate over any wireless communication media to get your data where it needs to go based on the people you meet.


You will always be getting the newest data tailored for your interests.


Your data is not passing through the Internet, so say goodbye to data plans!


Our technology is based on battery-friendly wireless protocols. 


One of our primary goals is adapting and reacting to changes around you.


Opportunistic Computing

Are you tired of constantly keeping up with cloud solutions as support for your mobile apps? We are re-inventing mobile cloud computing by creating smartphone communities to handle data and computation offloading locally, without any fuss.


Our solution brings cloud resources closer to your phone. You won’t need to worry about data offloading anymore.


For us, smartphones are cloud resources that always attempt to reduce the overall battery usage of the entire community.


Stop paying too much for cloud resources! Localize your code and make use of the smartphones around you.


Why should mobile devs need to learn cloud APIs? For us, cloud computing is just like mobile development.

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